Creating Music


I have a goal to someday write music for a movie or short film.  No, I don’t really have visions of grandeur of being the next John Williams, Danny Elfman, or James Horner (who have devoted their entire lives to mastering the craft).  I would be happy to create the music for a short 15-minute film (at first at least).  I just love the idea of composing music with a specific purpose in mind – in order to create a mood or enhance an emotion for a scene, rather than just whatever random bits of inspiration fly at me at any given moment. So I’ve been creating a lot of music lately.  Some on my own and some with my band (see the link below).

I’ve also always loved the idea of helping others with the power of music.  I’m not entirely sure in what form that will take – teaching children to write songs, or providing music therapy to those who have struggled in some area of their life.  But to that end, I am currently taking a few music classes.  It’s such a vast and incredible world and the more I learn, the more fascinating it becomes.  So I’m diving in and soaking in as much knowledge as possible. If you’re curious about any music I’ve written in the past, here are some little snippets and ideas (and a few class projects – oh and a couple of recordings from my amazing band, 7 Word Story).  And if you just happen to have a short film that needs music, let me know.


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