Social Media Music Collaboration

Want to write a song with me, whether you’re a musician or not?

I’m thinking of trying an experiment where you all send me tracks – whether you are an experienced musician or only play the cheese grater – and I compile them into a song and publish on SoundCloud (and give you all credit of course). Seriously I don’t care if it’s a guitar riff, you singing, a coffee maker making weird noises or you on the egg shaker. If you are a musician, send me a short track in G Major in 4/4 and 110 bpm (I’m starting easy here). It can be a melody, riff or anything else I can loop or fit in once. If you have no idea what any of that means, just record something on your phone and send over the file. I’ll work it in someway, somehow.

I’m thinking of it as a social media musical collaboration. I don’t have a big following so I have no idea if one person will respond or 20. Or if I can pull it off. But I love a challenge and would be thrilled if 20 responded. Send to friends who you think would like to contribute. You have a couple of weeks to send it over if you need it. Otherwise, pull out your phone, record your best riff and send over the file. Here’s the folder where you can upload the file. Happy songwriting! Let the experiment begin!

UPDATE: Well, I received two submissions (but with about 10 tracks including 3 guitars, drums, bass, keys, vocals, etc.) with really contrasting styles.  So…here’s the final result:

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