Soul & Heart Creative – a new brand

Soul_and_Heart_logo_headshot Soul & Heart Creative is officially the new name and brand for my design business. Ryan’s Creative Universe has served me well as a place to share my projects, my passions and my life.  And this website was one of the first ones I built entirely by myself.  But the name and brand does limit me in many ways, whether real or perceived. It didn’t feel like I could ever expand, or hire another person (unless they are named Ryan). It didn’t say much about me or the type of work I love to do.  And the website needed to be updated anyway.  Trends change quickly and what looked fresh 4 years ago looks pretty dated now.  So after much brainstorming and prototyping, Soul & Heart Creative was born.  I’m pretty excited to share it with you.  And I’ve love to hear your feedback. P.S. – I’m going to keep this site up, for old-times sake, and I may even update it once in a blue moon.  But I hope you follow me on to the next phase.

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